Classic Stanwell



The Stanwell is our corner shed with a unique apex style roof which is available as a 1.8m x 1.8m (6’x6’), 2.1m x 2.1m (7’x7’), 2.4m x 2.4m (8’x8’), 2.7m x 2.7m (9’x9’) or 3m x 3m (10’x 10’) building.


The Stanwell comes with (Ex 15mm) 12mm finished tongued & groove matching on 47mm x 47mm pressure-treated joists on all sizes with an option to upgrade to 18mm Heavy-duty v313 Caberboard flooring.


All buildings come with (Ex 19mm) 15mm finished tongue & groove matching on 47mm x 47mm roof bearers. A Heavy-Duty Polyester based roofing felt is used as standard on all buildings. On all of our buildings, there is a ventilation gap along the back of the roof.


All buildings have (Ex 15mm) 12mm finished tongue & groove shiplap fixed to 47mm x 22mm & 47mm x 47mm finished framework. We also offer an (Ex 19mm) 15mm Tongue & groove loglap upgrade on these buildings.


The Stanwell features a 0.76m (30)” wide by 1.76m (70”) tall box door, fitted with a mortice lock & handle. This door can be upgraded to a 0.76m (30”) stable door (this comes with a rimlock & black knob handle) or a 1/2 glass door.


The Stanwell comes with windows in the panels either side of the door. The Classic will have an opening sash in each section, whilst the Georgian are all fixed. All the glass we use in these buildings is toughened for safety. The amount of windows in each building depends on the building size.


The Stanwell has a generous internal eaves height of 1.82m (6’) rising to an internal ridge height of 2.06m (81”). The Stanwell also has an internal eaves height of 1.82m (6’) rising to an internal ridge height of

2.06m (81”) on 7’ & 8’ Gable ends

2.13m (84”) on 9’ Gable ends

2.18m (86”) on 10’ Gable ends

Extra height can be added to the building as an up-grade. Please add an extra 7” on to these heights for the external dimension.

The buildings comply with the 2.5m maximum height restriction imposed when erecting a building under Permitted Development.


Our buildings are treated both internally & externally with a spirit-based preservative that helps to protect the timber from fungi, woodworm & blue stain. We do recommend that buildings are retreated within 3 months, unless painted and then every year for continuous protection. All of our buildings can be upgraded to a painted finish.