The Littlehouse is available as a 1.8m x 1.2m (6’x4’) or 1.8m x 1.8m (6’x6’) building. The Littlehouse is 1.27m (50”) high internally at the eaves & 1.52m (60”) high internally at the ridge. The Littlehouse has a 0.6m 24”) wide x 1.2m (48”) high door, the heart shape in the door is optional. The door is hung on piano hinges, with a roller catch & pull handle, and there is acrylic in the windows for children’s safety.

The buildings are constructed of (Ex15mm) 12mm finished tongue & groove shiplap fixed on 45mm x 45mm & 45mm x 22mm finished framework. The floor has (Ex15mm) 12mm
finished tongue & groove matching fixed to 47mm x47mm finished pressure treated floor joists. The roof is (Ex 19mm) 15mm finished tongue & groove matching fixed to 45mm x 45mm bearers which is covered with a Heavy Duty Polyester based roofing felt. There is a 0.38m (15”) roof canopy as standard on the Littlehouse.

Our buildings are treated both internally & externally with a spirit based preservative that helps to protect the timber from fungi, woodworm & blue stain. We do recommend that buildings are retreated within 3 months, unless painted and then every year for continuous protection. All of our buildings can be upgraded to a painted finish.